What is Halo: Flashpoint?

Halo Flashpoint is the officially licensed tactical miniatures game for two players. Begin your journey in the War Games combat arena, bringing a range of classic Halo game modes, troop types, and weapons to life on your tabletop. Discover an exciting game that's easy to learn, challenging to master, and rewards cool thinking under fire!

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The Tactical Miniatures Game

The year is 2560.

Humanity was forced to the brink of extinction by the alien alliance known as the Covenant, and even in victory many of our worlds were glassed and left in ruins.

From the ashes of the Covenant War a new generation of super-soldiers has been trained in the War Games simulation, pitting Spartan fire teams against an almost infinite combination of potential threats - including each other.

Fast to setup and learn


The next evolution of skirmish games: quick to learn, challenging to master, and packed with innovative gameplay ideas. The Halo: Flashpoint miniatures game rewards tactical awareness – movement and positioning are often the difference between getting taken out by a rival Spartan Deadeye or setting up to deliver a killing blow yourself!

Halo: Flashpoint features cube-to-cube movement, shooting and more; do away with tape measures!

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Incredible miniatures & arenas

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran tabletop gamer or complete novice – anyone can go straight to the table with preassembled miniatures in classic red and blue team colours! But, if you’ve got a creative side it’s time to get your paint set out and customise your team exactly how you want them…

Authentic game modes & weapons

You’ll fight to defeat your opponent, take vital objectives and secure victory across a choice of classic game mode scenarios including Slayer, Oddball and Capture the Flag.

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